Get Started

Getting Started in HSAP

Meet the Requirements

1. A student need to get a job in an eligible trade.
2. A student must be 16 years of age (15 in the cook trade).
3. A student must have an apprenticeship agreement with their employer and school.
4. A student must complete a safety course.
5. An employer must have Workers Compensation Insurance.
6. An employer and apprentice must complete HSAP safety requirements.
7. Parent/guardian permission must be granted.

Finding Work

A student must have a job in order to be an apprentice.  The job must be in one of Manitoba's Apprenticeable Trades. In some cases students already have a job or has secured a job through their personal networks.  Otherwise students need to search for a job, make contact with an employer and earn a position in a company. 

If students do not know what apprenticeable trade they would like to work in, they should explore a trade first.

Choose a Trade

If a student does not know what trade that you would like to apprentice in, they should go to the Explore Trades page and do some research. Students should be open to work in related trades if no jobs are available.  For example, if you want to be an electrician and there are no available jobs, consider another construction trade.  It is possible to make connections while working in a different trade that will lead you to the trade that you want to make as your goal. 

If students know the  trade they want, they should work toward finding a job. 

Finding Jobs in Your Area

Sometimes the job that you want is available in a classified advertisement. Use these resources to find the trade job that suits you. 

1. Local job classifieds - A) Local Job Shop Manitoba; B)

Often trades people and businesses do not advertise in classified ads.  In this case, it is better to find and contact the businesses that may have the job you want.

2. Find Employers in Your Trade -

A) - Winkler Construction
Altona Business Directory;
Winkler & District Business Directory;
Morden & District Business Directory;
RM of Morris - Morris/Rosenort Business Directory;
RM of Piney Business Directory;
G) RM of Stuartburn Business Directory  
RM De Salaberry - St. Malo/St. Pierre-Jolys Business Directory
I) RM of Montcalm Business Directory
J) RM of Rhineland Business Directory
K) RM of Emerson-Franklin Business Directory

When you have contacted an employer, tell them that you are interested in finding work in a specific trade and that you would like to meet, to introduce your self.  When you meet you should be dressed to work in that trade.  Trades people often hire on-the-spot and will get you working right away.  Bring with you, a completed resume so that you can leave it with them.  DO NOT leave the resume with another worker.  Be sure to ask to speak to the person who does the hiring for the business. 

3. Explore your network: Don't forget to ask the people around you for help. Ask your parents, relatives, neighbours and teachers if they have a personal connection to someone that is in a trade.  Ask them for contact information.

Your Network

It is important that you have a resume prepared for your meeting with an employer. If you don't have a resume, go to Step 3.

Create a Resume

There are a number of resume resources.  Choose where you would like to start.

1. Writing Your First Resume
2. Model of Student Resume
3. Job Skills to List on Your Resume


The HSAP teachers works with the employer to register the student and business. Students become registered apprentices working with qualified mentors. Safety protocols are put in place.

  1. Student works as an apprentice during evenings, weekends, school breaks or works together with the school to create a flexible schedule.
  2. HSAP teachers meet with students and employers to assess their progress.
  3. At the end of grade 12, HSAP teachers and students discuss possible next steps with HSAP.

Get an Apprenticeship Agreement with an HSAP Teacher

In order for you to get an apprenticeship as a high school student, you must contact a High School Apprenticeship Program teacher. The HSAP teachers works with the employer to register the student and business. Students become registered apprentices working with qualified mentors. Safety protocols are put in place.Your HSAP teacher will help you fill out the necessary forms including the Apprenticeship Agreement.  An Apprenticeship Agreement is a contract between the apprentice and the company.  A high school teacher mush be on the agreement as well in order to participate.

Mr. Reimer is the HSAP teacher for the following schools:

Albright School
Blue Clay Colony School
Glenway Colony School
Greenridge School
Horizon Colony School
Institut Collegial de St. Pierre
Morris School
Pineland Colony School
Regional Adult Education Centre Altona
Ridgeville Colony School
Rosenort School
Ross L. Gray School
Shevchenko School
Suncrest Colony School
W.C. Miller Collegiate

Mr. Toews is the HSAP teacher for the following schools:

Edelweiss School
Garden Valley Collegiate
Morden Adult Education Centre
Morden Collegiate
Northlands Parkway Collegiate
Peace Valley School
Regional Adult Education Centre Altona
Sanford Collegiate
Silver Winds Colony School
Vermillion School
W.C. Miller Collegiate