HSAP Teacher Responsibilities

Delivering the HSAP Programming

Setting up HSAP for a Student

The role of the HSAP teacher in setting up the program is to ensure that a student has the following in place at the start:

1. Completing an Apprenticeship Agreement (contract) with employer, student, parent and HSAP teacher.
2. Registering a trainer (Red Seal or MB Designated Trainer).
3. Informing the school of HSAP student enrollment.
4. Implementing an HSAP safety plan with student, employer and parent.
5. Getting students started in HSAP student tasks.

Monitoring Student Progress

After the initial setup of the program, the HSAP teacher will monitor student progress by:

1. Site visits with the employer.
2. Assessment meetings with the employer.
3. Student assessment meetings.
4. Student transition meetings. This helps students understand next steps as an apprentice after high school. 
5. Supplying Apprenticeship Manitoba with post-secondary transition.
6. Supplying home school with student updates including marks.