Considering HSAP?

Why Administrators/Guidance Teachers should consider HSAP

The High School Apprenticeship Program meets many education goals.

1. Builds connection between your program and the community.

2. HSAP experiences provides support for practice of theory in vocational programs.

3. Students learn and practice specific trade knowledge and skills.

4. Students make transition to adult behaviour and responsibilities that may translate back into the classroom.

5. Learning on the job is hands-on and problem-solving based. Students experience high adult expectations and high levels of engagement.

6. Learning on the job allows for the exploration of the apprenticeship system.

7. Learning on the job allows for students to pursue a post-secondary education while in high school.

8. Leaning on the job reinforces core subjects, especially communication, practical math, and science.

8. Apprenticeships allows for life-long learning.

10. A high school apprentice can get a head-start in a chosen career pathway.