HSAP and Adult Apprenticeship

In this page we will explore the differences between HSAP and an adult apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship Basic Structure

Apprenticeships are made of levels containing, 1) on-the-job work experience hours, and 2) in-class technical training. An apprenticeship is typically made of 2-5 levels of training depending on the trade. After all levels are completed, the apprentice will need to write an exam. 

Image of Adult Apprenticeship Levels

Differences between HSAP and Adult Apprenticeship

Differences HSAP  Adult
work experience hours - part-time
- evenings
- weekends
- school breaks
- full-time (~10 month block)
in-class technical training - RRTVA (if available)
- or, after graduation
- after graduation (~2 month block)

High School apprentices typically choose to work part-time during school spares, evenings and weekends.  Many HSAP apprentices also work full time in the summer. Sometimes schools are able to open up blocks of time for students to apprentice.  Negotiating school schedules should be done at the school level with school administration or guidance staff. The difference between adult apprentices and HSAP apprentices is that an adult may be able to work full time. In the HSAP, apprentices gain only on-the job work experience hours

Adult apprenticeships are based on a full time work schedule.  Unlike college or university courses that have full time classes, apprentices start by fulfilling on-the-job work experience hours
 before attending in-class technical training. To get an idea of what the adult apprenticeship training schedule looks like, see the image above. 

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