What is a Red Seal?

What is a Red Seal?

A Red Seal is a recognized certification for many different trades across Canada. Registered apprentices complete their program levels and then write a Red Seal examination.  Upon successful completion, the apprentice becomes recognized as a Red Seal journey person. An apprentice must score 70% or more on the Red Seal exam to be successful. 

What is the Red Seal Program?

The Red Seal Program is a list of common agreed upon skills and knowledge for a trade used across Canada.  These nationally agreed-upon lists of skills and knowledge are necessary to work successfully in each trade. Provincial technical training is aligned with the Red Seal Program.  Exams are designed to give journey persons the ability to work in all provinces and territories in Canada without having to re-train.

How Does the Red Seal Program Work?

In each province and territory, the Apprenticeship Program leads to a Certificate of Qualification.  People who have a journey person certificate can obtain a Red Seal by completing levels of training and successfully writing the Red Seal Exam.

With the Red Seal endorsement, the Certificate of Qualification is automatically recognized in any province or territory that issues a certificate for that trade.  Individuals are not required to write a separate examination to work in that province or territory.


What Are the Benefits of Obtaining a Red Seal Endorsement?

  1. Your trade certification is recognized in other provinces and territories.
  2. The Red Seal confirms that you achieved a nationally recognized level of competency in your trade.
  3. The Red Seal allows a journey person to seek work in other provinces and territories.