Transportation Trades

Transportation Trades - These skilled tradespeople fix and maintain cars, trucks, agricultural equipment, heavy equipment, as well as the parts and equipment of these vehicles.

Apprenticeship training for transportation trades ranges from 2 to 4 years.

Agricultural Equipment Technician - services, repairs, assembles and maintains any agricultural equipment and attachments used for farming operations. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Aircraft Maintenance Journeyperson - maintains fixed-wing and rotory-wing aircraft. Alternate Licencing. HSAP available.

Automotive Painter - sands, spot fills, primes, finishes and paints motor vehicles. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Auto Service Technician - diagnoses malfunctions and repairs automobiles, buses, and trucks to standards of safe and reliable operation. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Diesel Engine Mechanic - diagnose, service, adjust, overhaul and maintain and test diesel engines and related equipment and components as well as related electrical and electronic systems. Much of the heavy equipment used in the construction, transportation and farming industries, such as bulldozers, cranes and tractors are powered by diesel. Alternate Licencing. HSAP available.

Gas Turbine Repair and Overhaul Technician
- works in a facility that has a dedicated engine overhaul, heavy maintenance or repair shop capable of disassembly, inspection and reassembly of internal engine components using engine manuals and engine-specific tooling. Alternate Licencing. HSAP available.

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician - diagnoses, troubleshoots, examines, tests, repairs and maintains a wide variety of heavy duty vehicles. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Marine and Outdoor Power Equipment Technician - is certified to repair, service and maintain small gasoline and diesel powered equipment such as outboard and inboard motors, jet drives in boats and personal watercraft (PWC), stern drives, lawn and garden equipment, snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and similar multi-wheeled vehicles and related trailers. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Metal and Paint) - restores the structural integrity of a damaged vehicle during the repair process. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Railway Car Technician - inspect, repair, replace and recondition mechanical or structural components and systems of freight cars and passenger coaches. Alternate Licencing. HSAP available.

Recreation Vehicle Service Technician
- inspects, tests, replaces and services all systems contained within a recreation vehicle, except for its engine and drive train. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Transport Trailer Technician
- is certified to service, repair, assemble and maintain transport trailers used to carry commercial or non-commercial goods as registered under The Highway Traffic Act. They work on all parts and systems of a transport trailer, including framework, body work, suspension, brakes, wheels, electrical, hydraulic, refrigeration and heating. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Truck and Transport Mechanic
- maintains, service, repair and modifies transport trucks and their components. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.