Introduction to Trades Technology

Introduction to Trades Technology (ITT) is a single semester which introduces students to basic mechanical skills used in many industries today. The Automotive Technology, Welding and Auto Body shops are used to familiarize students with the tools and processes of three interrelated trades. Students can also use this semester to help them decide on which of the three programs they would like to specialize.

In the ITT semester, the student spends one-third of the time in each of the three shops mentioned above. The student spends approximately six weeks studying the introductory skills of each of the three trades. The skill learned in any one of the shops may then be applied in the other two shops to increase the student’s level of proficiency in the trade. Students planning on entering any one of the trades full time will have exposure to related trades and processes as well as some of the vocabulary and tools they use.

The three credits listed below form an integral part of the program. A fourth credit, Exploration of Technical Vocational Education will be granted upon successful completion of the three credits. Students taking the ITT program will receive preferred entry into the second and third levels of the related program in which they choose to specialize.

The ITT courses include:

9028 Exploration of Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology 10S
8695 Intro to Automotive Technology 10S
8377 Exploration of Welding Technology 10S
9174 Exploration of Technical Vocational Education 10S

ITT image 1

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