HSAP for Employers

Training Employees through Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship in-class technical training is free of cost to employers.  Understandably, training has related costs like time and resources. It takes a lot of time and money to develop fantastic employees. The apprenticeship program of training divides up the load so that apprentices are learning on the job 80% of the time and spending just 20% of their time (approx. 2 months) learning the theory component. 

Benefits for Developing Apprentices


1. Learn about new product and new technology in the trade.
2. Learn how things work and why they work.
3. Learn the rules and regulations of the trade.
4. Learn the safety rules and expectations of the trade.
5. Build confidence through mastery of skills and knowledge.
6. Build problem solving capacities.
7. Become leaders who can train others and supervise projects.
8. Become certified.
9. Grow your company.

Overview of Apprenticeship Training for Employers