Apprenticeship MB Documents

On this page we will examine and understand the Apprenticeship Manitoba green Apprenticeship Pocket Card.

If you have not received this document, go here and print out a request for new documents. 

The Apprenticeship Pocket Card

The purpose of the green Apprenticeship Pocket Card is for, 

1) an apprentice to identify themselves while on the job site, 2) an apprentice's change of address, trade or company, and 3) providing evidence to be eligible for federal grants. 

Apprenticeship MB Green Wallet Card

Apprenticeship Identification

Carrying the  Apprenticeship Pocket Card is mandatory and should be with every apprentice while they are working.  This is especially the case when apprentices are working in Compulsory Trades such as Construction Electrician, Hairstyling, Esthetician and a few others. 

Change of Information

If an apprentice will receive a new Apprentice Pocket Card if they change their address, trade or company.

Apprenticeship Federal Grants

The apprentice will need to provide a photocopy of the up-to-date Apprenticeship Pocket Card when applying for Federal grants. 

The AIG or Apprenticeship Incentive Grant is a taxable $1000 available for an apprentice who complete level 1 and 2. This is a total of $2000.

The ACG or Apprenticesip Completion Grant is a taxable $2000 available for apprentices who have completed all levels of their trade and have also passed the Red Seal examination.