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Do you have a passion for creating sensational desserts, pastries and baked goods? If so this program is for you! This program is designed for students that have an interest in the Baking or Pastry Arts Profession. Here is the chance to learn the tricks of the trade to create your own delectable masterpieces. The Pastry and Baking trade has become one of the most diversified and televised industries, making Bakers and Pastry Chefs in high demand throughout the food service sector.                                                                                          

The Baking & Pastry Arts program is designed to prepare students to enter the labour force with a general understanding and knowledge of ingredients,Cream Puff Dessert image products and techniques. Balancing theory and hands-on practice, this program gives students the understanding, fundamental skills, and attitudes needed to progress and develop in a successful baking career. Students prepare a variety of desserts, pastries and breads including doughnuts, fritters, cookies, pies, mousses, soufflés and frozen desserts.

Baking & Pastry Arts program graduates may find careers such as an entry level baker in a variety of occupations including cake decorating, commercial baking, artisan baking, confectionary, and chocolatier, etc. Related careers include, but are not limited to areas such as food science and research, nutritionist, dietician, hospitality management, bakery owner, baking teacher, and food stylist.

Baking & Pastry courses include:

Section A
 8324 Intro to Baking & Pastry Arts 20S
 8338 Quick Breads, Cookies, Doughnuts, Pies 30S  
 8339 Yeast Dough Products 30S
 8359 Tarts & Special Pastries 40S
 Section B
 8358 Cakes, Fillings, Icings and Decorations 30S  
 8374 Modern & Classic Desserts & Plating Techniques 40S
 8375 Advanced Bread Products 40S
 8998 Advanced Baking & Pastries 40S


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