Service Trades

Service Trades - These skilled tradespeople work provide a service to the public, such as cook, hairstylist and landscape technicians. Apprenticeship training for the service trades ranges from 2 to 3 years.

Cook - plans menus, prepare a variety of foods according to health and safety regulations and manage a commercial kitchen. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Electrologist - perform pre-epilation (pre-hair removal) treatments, electrolysis using galvanic and/or short-wave currents, and post-epilation (post-hair removal) treatments to remove unwanted hair for clients. Electrologists consult with clients to determine the treatment needed and to outline any risks. They also sterilize equipment and keep their work areas clean and sanitary, sometimes performing reception and management duties. Alternate Licencing – Compulsory Trade. HSAP available.

Esthetician - performs the tasks of nail or skin care technician. Alternate Licencing. HSAP available.

Hairstylist - cuts and styles and shampoo men’s, women’s and children's hair; heat and chemical preparations for hair including colour, permanents, straightening, bleaching and conditioning and beautification treatment on the face, neck and scalp. Red Seal certification and alternate licencing. HSAP available.

Parts Person - manages and sells an inventory of parts for vehicles, appliances, machinery and equipment. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Pork Production Technician
- handles and cares for pigs in the breeding, farrowing, nursery, grow/finish stages of pork production. Manitoba certificate. HSAP available.