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The hairstyling program provides students with the theoretical knowledge & practical experience of all aspects of hair services for women and men. Students are also trained in performing a basic manicuring for clients. This accredited program is delivered through classroom theory instruction, working with mannequins, as well as the faithful clientele of the school. A student should have a creative flare, good finger dexterity, tolerance of the products used in the hairstyling industry, and strong customer service abilities. There is currently a skilled trade’s person’s shortage within the province of Manitoba.

Completion of this program will offer students the following opportunities:

Hairstylist  Beauty sales representatives
Salon owner Receptionist
Salon Manager Hair colour Technician
Platform Artist Hair competition judges

The Hairstyling program is accredited by Manitoba Apprenticeship and lets you get your start on a Red Seal (your professional certificate) in the Hairstylist trade. Students who take all three sections of this program, achieve 70% and the required 1400 hours are recognized by Manitoba Apprenticeship. Practical training hours can be acquired through the High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) - a high school, evening/weekend/summer work practicum recognized Apprenticeship MB.

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The hairstyling program has three sections, for a total of 12 credits. The full program is offered over three semesters. Course titles include:

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Section A  (Beginner)
8312 Introduction to Hairstyling 20S
8313 Basic Hairstyling 20S
8314 Basic Haircutting and Thermal Styling 20S 
8315 Basic Salon Services 20S

Section B  (Intermediate)
8316 Intermediate Haircutting & Barbering Techniques 30S
8317 Hair Colouring 30S
8318 Intermediate Hairstyling and Artificial Hair 30S
8319 Chemical Texture Services 30S 

Section C  (Advanced)
8320 Advanced Hair and Colouring 40S
8321 Advanced Haircutting and Chemical Texture 40S
8322 Salon Operation and Client Services 40S
8323 Certificate Preparation 40S

The Hairstyling department is located at Northlands Parkway Collegiate in Winkler Manitoba. The facility offers a classroom with a salon atmosphere which welcomes a variety of clients for students to apply their skills and knowledge. More information on the Hairstyling services provided are available at:

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