HSAP Requirements

HSAP Requirements for the Employer

This page is an overview of the requirements that need to be met to permit students to work as high school apprentices for the HSAP program.

1. Provide Worker's Compensation Coverage - the employer is in charge of providing insurance coverage because HSAP is a paid position.  The school and school division does not provide insurance coverage for paid workers. For more information visit https://www.wcb.mb.ca/.

2. Provide a workplace safety orientation - the employer is considered the safety supervisor and expert for safety in their area of expertise. The schools and school divisions expect that the employer have a safety program that follows Manitoba work safety legislation. 

3. Provide safety information and gear - the employer should be aware and make the assumption that young people are often eager to please and have less safety experience than older employees. Schools and school division expect that the employer will provide necessary protective equipment and safety training.

4. Sign and Complete an HSAP Employer Safety Checklist - click here to view. Students also need to complete an HSAP student safety checklist and get parent permission

5. Pay the HSAP Minimum Wage - The mandatory starting wage of a High School Apprentice is 10% above the Manitoba minimum wage ($15.30 + 10% = $16.83/hour). 

Employer Incentives are put in place to help employers with the cost of training young people.  A tax credit lets you get back 25% of the student wage (up to a maximum $5000 credit).  A high school apprentice that will cost you $16.83/hour will be $12.62/hour. To get more information go to Tax Incentives page for employers. 

6. Provide a trainer for the apprentice - employers wishing to apprentice need to register an employee of the company to oversee the apprentice' progress.  The trainer can be Registered Journeyperson (Red Seal) or a Designated Trainer.  In Manitoba an employee with adequate experience (1.5 times the hours of a Red Seal program) and scope of the trade (has experience and knowledge with most trade activities) can become a registered Designated Trainer.  An HSAP teacher will provide assistance with completing forms.