Apprenticeship Wages

Apprenticeship Minimum Wages

HSAP Minimum Wages

The mandatory starting wage of a High School Apprentice is 10% above the Manitoba minimum wage ($15.30 + 10% = $16.83/hour).  Please go to the Tax Incentives page to see how this is reduced.

Projected  Manitoba 
Minimum  Wage Increases:
October 1, 2024 TBA

Understanding Adult Apprenticeship Wages

In Manitoba, each trade has its own minimum wage.  The minimum wage increases after each level of training is completed. Students should understand that a minimum wage means the least an employer must pay you. An employer may pay you more than minimum wage.

To find out about the minimum wage in your trade, go to Apprenticeship Manitoba Trades. Choose your trade and find the trade regulations link. Find the section that says Minimum Wage Rates. See the example below for the Automotive Service Technician trade:

Auto Service Technician Minimum Wage Image

An Auto Service Technician minimum wage for level one would be 135% multiplied by the current Manitoba minimum wage ($15.30). This would equal $20.66/hour.

It is a little trickier to determine the minimum wage of a construction trade. The construction trade wage rules is based on the type of work and scale of the building project. The wages fall under the following categories:

1. Industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) construction - see wage table,

2. Heavy Construction - see wage table,

3. The "prevailing wage rate" usually residential construction - the minimum wage is determined by the wages of the highest paid journey person on the project.

Adult Apprenticeship Wages

Disclaimers - this chart is for educational purposes only.  please check all links to read the relevant Trade Regulations, ICI Wage Rates or Heavy Construction Wage Table.  For verification, please contact an Apprenticeship Manitoba Trade Coordinator for the applicable trade.

1. This is not a complete list of trades available in Manitoba.
2. This chart does not include  wage rates for construction activities that fall out of the category of commercial construction. For those in doubt, please contact an Apprenticeship Trades Coordinator at Apprenticeship Manitoba. 
3. This chart is updated to November, 2023. 

Wages November 2023.pdf