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Where can you learn how to cook your way to success? The W.C. Miller Collegiate Culinary Arts program in Altona. Learn in what is one of the best equipped teaching kitchens in all of Manitoba. Large food preparation areas, industrial grade equipment and experienced professional staff allow you to learn the basics of the commercial food industry while completing a high school diploma. When you’re done, you’ll be confident and prepared to join the hospitality industry in one of the many different jobs available around the world.

W.C. Miller Culinary Arts consists of three levels that teach students culinary and baking skills throughout the program. The first two levels are each a single semester, four credit programCulinary Arts Miller image that focuses on the basics of commercial cooking. Students will have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to find employment in entry-level positions in a variety of food service areas such as cafeterias, dining rooms, and restaurants. Unique to this culinary program is a Section C, single semester, four credit baking program where students focus more on this fascinating and delicious sub-trade in the culinary arts industry. The program is set up as an integrated culinary and baking program which allows students to experience both across the three years while still specializing each year.

The Culinary Arts program is accredited with Apprenticeship Manitoba.  To qualify for accreditation, a student must achieve an overall average of 70% or higher across all eight credits, they will receive recognition for level one technical (in-class) training in the cook trade. A student must then become a registered apprentice with an employer and complete the remaining required practical hours.

Practical (on-the-job) training hours can be acquired through the High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) – a high school work practicum recognized by Apprenticeship Manitoba.  These hours can be earned during evenings, weekends, or school breaks.

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Overall, this program will give you a unique balance of theory, practical instruction, and on the job application. Some time is spent each day studying theory through assignments, tests, and instructional packages, but the majority of the day is spent in the kitchen applying your learning. Students take time to build their skills through one on one and small group instruction with our Red Seal Chef, progressing to preparing food for service in the school cafeteria. Come to W.C. Miller so you can have the full culinary and baking experience!

Culinary Arts courses include:

Section A Section B
8791 Cooking Principles 20S   8794 Vegetables and Starches 30S
8792 Garde Manger 30S  8796 Breakfast and Dairy 40S
8793 Patisserie and Baking 30S             8797 Meats, Poultry, Fish, and Seafood 40S
8795 Stocks, Soups & Sauces 40S  8798 Culinary Management and Menu Design 40S

Section C 
8324 Intro Baking and Pastry Arts 20S
8338 Quick Breads, Cookies, Doughnuts, Pies 30S
8339 Yeast Dough Products 30S
8998 Advanced Baking & Pastries 40S

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