Considering HSAP?

Why Students and Parents Should Consider HSAP/Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is highly valued because it helps you...

Be Good at What You Do

  1. An apprenticeship helps young people develop expertise in a trade.
  2. An apprenticeship is a post-secondary option like college and university, available during high school.
  3. An apprenticeship includes both theory-based learning and practice-based learning.
  4. An apprenticeship promotes life-long learning.

Be Independent

  1. Trade Jobs help apprentices meet their own basic needs – in fact, wages level up fast.
  2. An apprenticeship allows you to learn and earn wages right from the first day of work.
  3. An apprenticeship helps to build confidence and independence in young people.
  4. An apprentice develops independent problem solving skills.
  5. A high school apprentice can get a head-start in a chosen career pathway.

Make a Good Living

  1. Trade jobs can be found everywhere: at home and far away.
  2. Trade jobs have a future. Trades jobs use technology that cannot replace humans.
  3. Trade jobs can be leveraged to further positions (example – carpenter could become a building engineer, architect or teacher).
  4. Apprenticeships are a post-secondary education with no student debt.

Find Work That Fits You

  1. Trade jobs are for all physically active young people. Apprentices move and use their body.
  2. Trade work can be fulfilling for people who like to build, fix, create, design and help others.
  3. Many trades use technology to assist workers with heavy lifting.