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                                                Who, What, Where, When, Why & How?

WHO is the RRTVA?

The acronym stands for Red River Technical Vocational Area.

BLSD - Border Land School Division, Altona
     DSFM - Division scolaire franco-manitobaine, Lorette (schools in St. Jean and St. Pierre)
          GVSD - Garden Valley School Division, Winkler
               RRVSD - Red River Valley School Division, Morris
                    WSD - Western School Division, Morden

WHAT is the RRTVA? The RRTVA is the name of the partnership group of five school divisions that offer and share vocational programs to 12 local high schools and students in southern Manitoba.

WHERE is the RRTVA? Program locations are in the communities of Morden, Winkler, Altona, Dominion City, Morris and Vita.

WHEN does the RRTVA happen? Programs are available to students registered in the RRTVA region in grades 10, 11, & 12. Students are required to complete their compulsory courses by the MB government for graduation. The students take their required courses in one “home” semester and then take the RRTVA program in the other “away” semester. A student travels from their home school via a busing network shared by all partners of the RRTVA to and from their home high school.

A student will take a semester of vocational programming from 9:30 – 2:30 each school day for an entire semester. Student success in these programs will equal 4 credits towards graduation for each semester of vocational studies.

WHY is there RRTVA? Can you say OPTIONS!!! The RRTVA is an option for students to obtain elective credits in a career field that they may be interested in. These career fields offer hands on learning opportunities, many transferable skills for life as well as a post-secondary avenue for apprenticeship.

HOW does a student get enrolled in RRTVA? Students interested in an RRTVA program need to contact their home school guidance department, complete the Application Form with a parent signature along with a school guidance signature.

All schools in the RRTVA provide the completed application forms to the RRTVA office by Spring Break each year. Spaces are limited for each school. Applicants not selected for their program of choice will remain on a waitlist.