Getting a Student Started

Getting a Student Started in HSAP

1. Getting started is as simple as asking student, "Where are you working? If a student is working, please forward the information to your school's HSAP teacher. Click here to contact the HSAP teachers.  They can sort out if the work falls in an apprentice-able trade.  If it is not apprentice-able, the student may be eligible to work on a Credit for Employment course if it is offered at your school.

2. You can familiarize yourself with Manitoba's apprentice-able trades by going to the Explore Skilled Trades page on this site.  There are over 50 apprentice-able trades. When in doubt, check in with your HSAP teacher

3. HSAP students are not placed. Students must acquire work independently.  If a student has had very little work experience, have them work through the Get Started page or arrange an in-person meeting for the student and HSAP teacher.

The Get Started page will walk students through the following:

a) Meeting HSAP Requirements,

b) Choosing a Trade,

c) Finding Jobs in your Area (includes local classifieds, identifying trades employers and using your personal network),

d) Creating a Resume, and

e) Get an apprenticeship agreement.

The HSAP teacher may meet with an interested student to help them navigate the pathway to getting an apprentice-able job.