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General RRTVA Billet Form

Morris School Auto Body - Billet Form

Morris School Welding - Billet Form

RVS Automotive Technology - Billet Form

Physical Addresses of all RRTVA Program Locations

Visitor - Bus Transportation Permission Slip


Any high school student boarding a RRTVA bus must obtain permission and signatures from all course teachers or their school principal. The student's parent/guardian's signature is also required. The signed slip must then be presented to the bus driver 48 hours prior to the requested bus trip.



RRTVA uses a system of shuttle buses to transport students from one school to another within the regular school day. Classes begin at approximately 9:30am and end at approximately 2:30pm. Students are able to use their regular division transportation system to access the shuttle to the programs of their choice without extending their day. The main route with schools and programs is shown above.