Grade 12 HSAP Transition to Post-Secondary

Updated April 2024

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HSAP Teacher's Role in Transition - May/June

  1. Provide advice for apprentices planning to continue apprenticeship training.
  2. Collect documents on behalf of the student and submit them to Apprenticeship Manitoba:
    1. completed high school transcript,
    2. Inform the employer about the report of hours process.
    3. an AC number if the apprentice also successfully completed and met the requirements for an RRTVA accredited program.


HSAP Student's Role in Transition from HSAP to Post-Secondary Apprenticeship

  1. Continue to work in their apprentice-able trade to accumulate on-the-job work experience hours.
  2. Register for their level 1 or 2 in-class technical training course.
  3. Ensure that the employer is entering hours through Access Manitoba every 6 months.

How to Register for Adult In-Class Technical Training Levels 1 or 2:

Apprenticeship Manitoba opened in-class technical training registrations for classes being held between April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023, in November of 2021. Adult apprentices wishing to register for those classes will need to contact their Apprenticeship Trades Coordinator (ATC) to see if spot is available or to be placed on an interest/waiting list. Please contact the RRTVA office for ATC contact information.

It is likely that registration for classes , will take place this November of each year. Please consult the Manage Your Apprenticeship page at Apprenticeship Manitoba for information about registration times and the most recent course schedule. Note that registration is always based on a first-come-first-served basis so be sure to check the website often to find out your registration date.

Students that have accumulated significant amounts of hours as an apprentice and want to attend technical training this next academic can call the Apprenticeship Trades Coordinator for their trade to ask to be put on an interest list. Please contact the RRTVA office for contact information.

High School Apprentices High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) Tuition Credit (Apprenticeship Manitoba Documentation)

Here is the table of fees for the cost of technical training:

Image of Apprenticeship Manitoba Tuition Fee Table

Register by phone if you have HSAP tuition credits. You cannot claim HSAP tuition credits if you register through Apprenticeship Manitoba's AccessManitoba portal. For every two HSAP credits (220 hours) you completed in high school, you are entitled to a free registration fee/tuition credit (this will save you $464 if you have an 8-week course). Please remember to do this each year if you earned multiple HSAP credits (8 HSAP credits pays for 4 levels of registration fees or $1856).  Caution: if you have accidentally paid for the registration through AccessManitoba, there is no chance of you getting your money back.

Call this number to register – 204-945-4016 or toll-free 1-877-978-7233, if you have HSAP Tuition Credit.

Fill out the Apprenticeship Technical Training Registration Application.

Go to the current year Technical Training Course Schedule to choose when you and your employer wish for you to attend training.

Some advice about registration:

  1. Check with your employer as to when they would like to release you to your training course.
  2. Be careful to choose the course at the school you wish to go to. Courses may appear at Red River College Polytech - RRCP (Notre Dame campus in Winnipeg), Assiniboine Community College ACC (Brandon campus), or University College of the North (The Pas campus).
  3. The courses are listed alphabetically but know that some level 1 and 2 courses are listed as Common Core. For example Agriculture Equipment Technician Level One would be listed as Common Core Ag Tech/HDET/TTM Level 1.

Some advice about attending in-class technical training:

Technical Training Attendance Policy – please note that Apprenticeship Manitoba has a strict attendance policy for technical training. Familiarize yourself with their policy.

Reporting Hours through Access Manitoba – January 2023

Please note that the Report of Hours Blue Book will be eliminated on December 31, 2022.  As of January 2023, there will be a NEW method for apprentices to record their hours. Both apprentices and employers will need to use AccessManitoba. Go to the following links for instructions:

Employer instructions to update apprentice hours.
Apprentice instructions to update hours.
FAQ for Online Report of Hours

Please familiarize yourself and your employer with this process as soon as possible. 


Please see the completed model below:


The number of on-the-job work experience hours determines when an apprentice should register for in-class technical training.  Apprentices may take the next level of training when they have obtained at least half of the hours required for the annual hourly requirement.

For example, a student enrolled as a carpenter needs 1800 hours of training per year.  Once a carpenter apprentice has reached 900 hours, they can take the next level of training.  It is recommended that most of the on-the-job work experience hours be completed so that the apprentice has had adequate practice.

Apprenticeship Manitoba Annual Requirement of Hours for a CarpenterIf you wish to see the Annual Requirements for your trade, click here.

If you want to know how to access the Federal Government Apprenticeship Grants, go to Benefits, Awards and Tools.