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The Piping Trades program is an 8 credit program offered in three semesters. This program provides a foundation for students to go directly into work, continue their post-secondary education in the Piping Trades, steamfitter, sprinkler fitter, HVAC technician, gas fitter, plumber, petroleum technician, pipeline worker, building maintenance, power engineer controls technician, instrument fitter, oilfield worker, fabrication worker, rigger and waste water technician.

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The Piping Trades program is accredited with Apprenticeship Manitoba.  To qualify for accreditation, a student must achieve an overall average of 70% or higher across all eight credits, they will receive recognition for level one technical Piping Trades image (in-class) training in the Plumbing trade. A student must then become a registered apprentice with an employer and complete the remaining required practical hours.                        

Practical (on-the-job) training hours can be acquired through the High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) – a high school work practicum recognized by Apprenticeship Manitoba.  These hours can be earned during evenings, weekends, or school breaks.

Section A

8876 Introduction to Plumbing Pipe Trades 20S
8877 Introduction to Piping Systems and Theories 30S
8878 Installation of Plumbing and Piping Systems I 30S
8879 Installation of Plumbing and Piping Systems II 30S

Section B
8981 Sanitary Venting Systems 40S
8982 Sanitary Drainage Systems 40S
8984 Installation of Plumbing and Piping Systems III 40S
8985 Applied Plumbing and Piping Systems 40S

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