Working Together

The Value of HSAP

The High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) is a partnership between a student employee, businesses, schools and Apprenticeship Manitoba. This partnership is highly valued for a variety of reasons:

1. HSAP makes a necessary connection between school communities and business communities. Valuable life skills and learning happen on the job.  

2. HSAP provides students with an important opportunity. Students get work experience, job skills, pay and high school credits. With your partnership, students can continue to pursue trades training through high school and then into their early adulthood. 

3. Businesses, hopefully, get energetic young people to come work from the local community. The low cost of wages allows businesses to try students out and see if they are a good fit for their company. 

HSAP Teacher Visits

Start up - HSAP teachers will connect with businesses after a student has a job. The teacher will assist in signing all documents and explain HSAP requirements. 

Ongoing Assessment - HSAP teachers will connect with the business trainer to assess the HSAP student progress. The teacher will provide you with criteria to measure the student's progress at your business.  

Obligation - employers are under no obligation to provide student hours to complete credits.  If the employer deems it necessary, the student can be let go if they are not meeting the minimum requirements of the business.