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The Carpentry program provides students with the opportunity to experience many aspects of the trade of carpentry.  The first section is an opportunity to explore the trade.  Students learn how to use the tools and equipment, learn about measurement and how to transfer information from a drawing to a project.  As student’s progress through the program, they develop their skills and knowledge on more complex and challenging projects as they prepare to make the transition to the work place.  Precision, craftsmanship, and safe work procedures are emphasized throughout the program.

Career and Employment Opportunities 
A student graduating from the Carpentry program can seek entry level employment in the construction industry. There are employment opportunities in the residential, commercial, and industrial construction sectors. Students can continue with their apprenticeship training or obtain post-secondary education in a variety of areas related to construction. 

The opportunities range from work as a labourer to professional occupations. The career paths can be classified as follows: 

Labour – machine operator, general labourer, concrete finisher, etc.
Trades – carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. 
Technical – surveyors, building inspectors, draftsperson, etc.
Professional – architect, engineer, etc. 

The Carpentry program is accredited with Apprenticeship Manitoba.  To qualify for accreditation, a student must achieve an overall average of 70% or higher across all eight credits, they will receive recognition for level one technical (in-class) training in the Carpenter trade. A student must then become a registered apprentice with an employer and complete the remaining required practical hours.

Practical (on-the-job) training hours can be acquired through the High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) – a high school work practicum recognized by Apprenticeship Manitoba.  These hours can be earned during evenings, weekends, or school breaks.

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Section A Section B
8585 Carpentry Fundamentals 20S 9191 Surveying & Concrete 40S
9188 Carpentry Tools & Equipment 30S 9192 Advanced Framing 40S
9189 Framing 30S 9193 Carpentry Millwork 40S
9190 Exterior Finishing 30S 9194 Applied Carpentry 40S

Carpentry Image Day 4Carpentry Image Day 8Carpentry Image Day 9Carpentry Image Day 13Carpentry Image Day 17Carpentry Image 5Carpentry Image 6Carpentry Image 7

Day 4

Day 8

Day 9

Day 13

Day 17

Level 1 and ICT Project

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