Industrial Trades

Industrial Trades - These skilled tradespeople work at industrial sites.  They build and take care of machines and parts used in industrial and consumer products.  They use precision machinery, various power hand tools, power machines, torches and welding equipment.

A career in one of these skilled trades may involve work in manufacturing facilities, on construction or industrial sites, power stations and electrical supply companies.  Working in the metal trades involves making products, using machines and tools.  Tradespeople work indoors and/or outdoors in all weather.

Apprenticeship training in the industrial trades ranges from 1 to 4 years.


CNC Machinist - is someone who programs, sets up and operates metal-cutting computer numerical control machines. This is a Red Seal trade but an extension of the Machinist and Tool and Die Maker trades. No HSAP available. 

Electric Motor System Technician - is someone who tests, rebuilds and repairs electric motors, generators, transformers and controllers. Red Seal certification. HSAP is available. 

Industrial Electrical - Installs, tests, removes, repairs and services a wide variety of industrial machinery and equipment. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Industrial Mechanic Millwright - installs, tests, removes, repairs and services a wide variety of industrial machinery and equipment. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Instrumentation and Control Technician - installs, tests, repairs and monitors technical instruments used in schools, hospitals, laboratories, apartments and industrial complexes. Red Seal certification. No HSAP available.

Machinist - set up and operate a variety of machine tools to precision cut, mill, turn, bore, drill or grind metal and similar materials into parts or products. They study specifications and drawings, calculate dimensions and tolerances, and then measure, set up and manufacture their projects. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.

Power Electrician - installs, maintains and repairs electrical and line apparatus, power generators, power converters and power transformers in generating and converter stations and substations. Alternate Licensing. HSAP available.

Tool and Die Maker - fabricates, repairs and modifies custom-made prototypes and a wide variety of tools, jigs, fixtures, gauges and dies for use in industrial and manufacturing production. Jigs and fixtures are devices that hold work pieces while they are bored, stamped, milled or drilled. Red Seal Certification. HSAP available.

Water and Wastewater Technician - are vital to almost every facet of the water and wastewater industry, ensuring the safety of potable water and the safe processing of wastewater to meet public health, environmental and consumer concerns. The Water and Wastewater trade is comprised of four sub-component trades:

1. Water Distribution Operator
2. Waste Treatment Operator
3. Wastewater Collection Operator
4. Wastewater Treatment Operator

Alternate Licencing. HSAP available.

Welder - has the knowledge, ability and skills required to lay out, cut, prepare, repair, form, bend, install and join metals using a variety of welding equipment. Red Seal certification. HSAP available.