Red Seal Certification

Image of Interprovincial Red Seal Program

What is the Red Seal Program?

The Red Seal Program is a common curriculum of technical trade skills and knowledge for each trade used across Canada. Manitoba provincial in-class technical training is aligned with the Red Seal Program.  Apprentices must complete each level of a trade and then pass a Ted Seal Examination. All tests, assignments and final exam must meet a minimum standard of 70%. Upon successful completion, the apprentice becomes recognized as a Red Seal journey person.

xams are designed to give journey persons the ability to work in all provinces and territories in Canada without having to re-train (some exceptions apply in Quebec).

Why Should you Develop Red Seal Certified Employees?

Very simply: it helps you build employee knowledge, skill, expertise and leadership for your business.

Get Experts on Your Team

A Red Seal is a recognized certification for many different trades across Canada. Customers and employers know and trust that a Red Seal journey person is knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. The Red Seal confirms achievement in a nationally recognized level of expertise in your trade. 

New Technology: For each level that an apprentice attends in-class technical training, they can expect to learn about new products, techniques and applications.  The Red Seal trades are regularly updating curriculum to prepare apprentices for new technology. 

Understand Trade Rules and Regulations: Apprentices will also learn codes and rules as they apply to their trade.Understanding the rules of a trade are important to make sure trade work is done properly.

Train Others: Apprentices will also be taught how to become trainers on the job site. After all, every apprentice needed to be trained by someone else.  This helps ensure that new apprentices are given quality instruction by journey persons or qualified designated trainers.

Networking Opportunities: Apprentices that attend in-class technical training start to create a larger network of people who are doing the same things that they are doing. This includes teachers, Apprenticeship Manitoba representatives and other apprentices  Apprentices learn from each other and get to know what is happening in their trade across Manitoba. 

Find Out What Apprentices Learn at School

Take a look at what you will learn at each level of in-class technical training by going to Apprenticeship Manitoba Trades. Choose your trade and go to the section called Training Standards. The following example is from the Carpenter trade.

Image of Apprenticeship Manitoba Carpentry Training Standards

Next, choose the Level Chart to see the units of study for each level. The example below is from the Carpenter trade:

Image of Carpenter Level 1 Training Standards

To see how apprentices progress through their levels and complete a trade go to the  Pathways through Apprenticeship page