Red River Valley School Division

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Division Office
Box 400 233 Main St. North
Morris, MB R0G 1K0
Phone: 204-746-2317 / Fax: 746-2785
[email protected]

Position Surname Given Name Phone
Superintendent Curtis Brad ext. 2225
Assistant Superintendent Skog Darren ext. 2223
Secretary Treasurer Collette Robyn ext. 2228
Supervisor of Operations Cameron Darren ext. 2229
Operations Admin. Assistant Penner Cathy ext. 2230

cole Héritage Immersion
433 Sabourin St. 
St. Pierre-Jolys, MB R0A 1V0
Phone: 204-433-3460 / Fax: 204-433-7175
[email protected]

 Position Surname Given Name
 Principal Hicks Chris
 School Secretary Neufeld April
Morris School

Box 548 324 Toronto Ave. East
Morris, MB R0G 1K0
Phone: 204-746-2612 / Fax: 204-746-2126
[email protected]

Position Surname Given Name Phone
Principal Watson Mike ext. 3223
Vice Principal Skog Angela ext. 3232
School Secretary Huska Julie ext. 3221
School Secretary LeBlanc Denny ext. 3222
Counsellor Edel Lauren ext. 3227
Counsellor Dueck Jacqueline ext. 3227
Auto Body Schettler Dale ext. 3248
Welding Hiker Ian ext. 3216

Rosenort School
Box 70 343 River Rd. South
Rosenort, MB R0G 1W0
Phone: 204-746-8355 / Fax: 24-746-2069
[email protected]

Position Surname Given Name
Principal Scharfenburg Arlin
School Secretary Reimer Jennifer
Counsellor Stevenson Shawna

Sanford Collegiate
Box 70 130 Blythefield Rd.
Sanford, MB R0G 2J0
Phone: 204-736-2366 / Fax: 204-736-4177
[email protected]

Position Surname Given Name
Principal Burnell Jaynie
Student Services Hodgins-Rector Tammy
School Secretary Stewart Brittney